How To Captive People's Peepers (& Why It's Essential)


How To Captive People's Peepers (& Why It's Essential)

With the digital landscape more saturated than ever, standing out is crucial. And while the task can seem hopeless (tons of businesses are doing crazy cool things to attract attention), it's not impossible. What's the secret sauce? Crisp, eye-catching graphics, the online equivalent of bright shiny objects. When stellar enough, those puppies can get people, like Hansel and Gretel's breadcrumbs, right where you want 'em. Literally (e.g. to your website or email subscription form) and/or figuratively (feeling drawn to your brand in some special way).


Exhibit A

An online ad by Toronto's own Drake General Store in collaboration with Etsy.

There's a lot of info in here. But because it's presented in such an alluring and well organized way, it's likely to pique people's interest and get them to click on that bright red SHOP NOW button. Mission accomplished.


Exhibit B

Another straightforward yet extremely enticing online offer. This one from the brilliant minds behind BRIT & CO.

Neither have huge amounts of text, and there's a clear hierarchy and CTA (call to action). Through the use of colour, pattern and bold fonts, these online ads draw us right in.

Peace, love & enticing graphics 4eva,

E & E


*NeW cLiEnT* spotlight: MarieNatie

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*NeW cLiEnT* spotlight: MarieNatie

Mary Yang is most certainly a #girlboss to get behind. The passionate founder of natural makeup line MarieNatie, her passion for creating products women want (and deserve) is infectious. And just one of the many reasons we’re thrilled to be working with her

To learn more about her gorgeous - and most importantly, effective - beauty products, see here. And for a deeper look at the woman herself, read on.

What sets you apart from the rest?

I spend a crazy amount of time perfecting the formulation of each and every one of my products. I do background research on all ingredients, test various combinations to decipher their effectiveness and take into consideration all the feedback I receive from women just like you and me, whom MarieNatie is geared towards. That, and I make 50% of my products by hand.

Tell us about one of your products and how it differs from its mainstream counterparts.

My friends were always complaining about sticky lip glosses that would get stuck to their hair on windy days. So I dove into my research and came up with a great natural solution: jojoba gel.

If you could select one celeb to be the face of your brand, who would it be and why?

Jessica Alba. I’m currently reading her book “The Honest Life: Living Naturally and True to You.” She’s constantly striving to live a cleaner life by steering clear of products containing harmful chemicals and eating more healthfully, which is really admirable.


Yes. It’s important to me that MarieNatie changes with the times and constantly becomes better. Right now, I’m working on switching over to bamboo packaging and 100% recycled paper, a more eco alternative to the post-consumer plastic & regular paper we have now.

Tell us about one of your most memorable *AHA* moments

My dad is a cosmetics chemist and would take me to industry trade shows. The more I went to, the more curious I became about the composition of products sold to mass markets (and whether they really are harmful to our health). I’d get home and Google the ingredients one by one. When I learnt about parabens, I was shocked. Present in approximately 80% of the products I owned at the time, they mimic estrogen, build up in the body and in excess, have been shown to lead to reproductive cancers. After being made aware of that I thought “why should anyone use products with parabens when there are alternatives that are just as good!?”.









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A new year means a blank page; a fresh opportunity to take your business to the next level.

And since our resolution is - and always has been - to help conscientious businesses like yours succeed, for the entire month of January, we’re offering super duper deep discounts (30%!) on the following packages:

Branding Package

WAS $1,200 CAD + tax
NOW $839 CAD + tax

Branding questionnaire
Typography and colour palette
Branded website headers
Branded social media profile images/headers
PDF style guide
Logo design or redesign

Website Package

WAS $1,200 CAD + tax
NOW $839 CAD + tax

Website design (or redesign) using Wix, Squarespace or Shopify
Application of current/new typography, colours, website headers and other imagery
Integration of useful marketing and other plugins, e.g. consultation bookingsNew website copy


WAS $2,000 CAD + tax
NOW $1,399 CAD + tax

Graphic Design Package

WAS $450 CAD + tax
NOW $315 CAD + tax

12 custom graphics, with custom copy, for promotion(s) of your choice (formatted for each social media platform they’ll be shared on)

Content Creation Package

WAS $500 CAD + tax
NOW $419 CAD + tax

4 lengthier pieces (blog posts, e-newsletters, email templates), 200-500 words

20 shorter pieces (Facebook & Twitter posts), 10-40 words

Contest/Giveaway Package

WAS $285 CAD + tax
NOW $199 CAD + tax

Full execution of the Woobox campaign of your choice


To take advantage of this great offer or simply learn more about us, email with subject line "New Year, Better Biz."

In the words of Oprah, cheers to a new year and another chance to get it right.  

Peace & love,

Erica & Erin



#CHFAeast Favourite Things


#CHFAeast Favourite Things

Formed by passionate health food pioneers and committed to providing more organic and natural products for all, the Canadian Health Food Association (CHFA) has our heart. In spades.

Their yearly CHFA East show - held in Toronto each autumn - is pretty much as exciting to us as Christmas is to kids. A Willy Wanka-esque early access look at the best new products in the industry, having it to look forward to makes summer coming to a close way more bearable.

The best of the bunch:


It's widely known that aluminum - the ingredient in mainstream deodorants that prevents sweating - is bad for our bods. Yet far too many people refuse to give it up cause for them, the fear of having bad body odour trumps all. Even the fact that the element is a known neurotoxin linked to breast cancer and neurological disorders! As a result they stick with their drugstore stick. 

Luckily, that really doesn't need to be the case. Natural deodorants have come a long way and (gasp) a bunch of them ACTUALLY WORK. This one by KALP Ayurvedically Pure really knocked our socks off. It smells sensational and come in a cool powder form. Without preventing the body from doing its (sweating) thing, it neutralized odours and simultaneously purifies the fatty tissue in that area. A win-win on multiple fronts.

Another standout: the absolutely gorgeous wares by routine., the brains behind their de-odor-cream natural deodorant. Brilliantly branded with a punchy look and playful names (Napoleon's Dynamite! Johnny's Cash!), their formula seems thicker and more substantial than other cream deodorants we've come across. 

Looking real forward to testing 'em out & promise to let you know how it goes.


The dancing chicks in the Basic Roots logo say it all. Vegans everywhere really are rejoicing over these cashew cheeses. Made with love by founder Paula Bellavance and her brilliant team using only raw organic ingredients and superfoods, they're the perfect example of how palate pleasing healthful food can be. 

SPREAD'EM Kitchen's seriously flavourful, sumptuous veggie & cashew spreads are LiKe WoAh. They company hits the nail on the head with it's description that "each flavour is an adventure, exploding with taste, as fresh and as natural as if you made it at home."  This sweet line isn't currently available in Ontario, much to our chagrin. Help us change that by letting your local health food store know you'd like to see it stocked on their shelves.

cashew and veggie spreads


These uber good-for-you wraps by Wrap It Up require exactly zero sacrifice in the taste department. Reminiscent of a fruit rollup in consistency (so fun), they're organic, vegan, gluten/wheat/dairy-free, consist primarily of fibre-rich carrots and ground flax seed and feature yum additional ingredients like sun-dried tomatoes, red pepper and Italian seasoning.

What are your favourite new healthy products? We can never get enough suggestions when it comes to this stuff.

Let us know & have a happy day!

Us Peaches


SO RIPE Review: Toronto Vegan Food & Drink Festival FAVES


SO RIPE Review: Toronto Vegan Food & Drink Festival FAVES

Much of the food at this weekend's Toronto Vegan Food & Drink Festival was seriously transcendental. The food coma that resulted from trying it all = a price we were happy to pay.

The standouts:


The biggest treat ever for our tastebuds: (1) the closest thing to the Dairy Queen sundaes that marked our childhoods and (2) a dreamy dish of waffles heaped with fresh fruit and paired with just-the-right-amount-of-sweet soft serve vanilla ice cream.

To help awesome owners Cam & Taz get their killer biz up and running, donate to their Kickstarter campaign. And spread the word to friends and fam (who, unless they're the grinch incarnate, are bound to get excited about this).

HELLO cookie dough, chocolate and PB sauce beauty!

HELLO cookie dough, chocolate and PB sauce beauty!


Gourmet vegan cheese has stepped onto the scene (and we can finally kick Daiya and other not-nearly-good-enough alternatives to the curb). Available in gorgeous flavours like brie, gruyere and smokey jalapeño, these babies are hand-crafted using raw organic cashews, cold-pressed organic coconut oil, and local organic garlic and fresh herbs and spices.

Find them in various stores in Ontario or Quebec, or purchase them directly from the website.



This fall, the masterminds behind Colette Grand Cafe & Kasa Moto, along with famed chef David Lee, will bless Toronto with an innovative plant-based eatery. Inspired by cuisines from across the globe and located in Yorkville, based on the samplings we snapped up today it's sure to be a huge success.


Peace, love & vegan food 4eva,

Us (a.k.a. Erica & Erin)



Top 5 things to Consider When Designing (or Redesigning) Your Brand


Top 5 things to Consider When Designing (or Redesigning) Your Brand

So you're starting your own socially responsible company, or own one already. Congrats! But also: may the force be with you. As we know all too well from experience, it’s no walk in the park. Countless factors to consider, steps to take, people and projects to manage … the list is endless. Amidst all the chaos and overwhelm, it’s easy for branding to inadvertently take a back seat. Here, we’ll explain why you should make every effort to place it centre stage.

Here are some things to consider when designing (or redesigning) your brand:

1. Be authentic.

This point is most important. As Larina Kase explains in her book Clients, Client and More Clients, when people experience your brand, they literally have a psychological reaction. And one of the first things they should feel is that you're genuine. Make sure to avoid impersonating you're competitors' vibe. And don’t think you have to exhibit professionalism to the point of being stuffy or boring! Play up your strengths and let your personality shine (be that witty, dorky, sassy, or whatever). In the wise words of Dr. Seuss, “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”

2. Be memorable.

Go with a strong and unique name; one that’s not as likely to slip off the tip of peoples’ tongues. For example, So Ripe Social uses alliterationa literary stylistic device referring to the commencement of two or more words with the same letterin order to grab and sustain people’s attention. Same goes for your logo, typography, and other graphics toodevelop a style that speaks to your company’s uniqueness. Consider brands like Koodo, Quaker Oats, and Aunt Jemima. People tend to remember these brands because their mascot-type characters bring them to life.

3. Do your research.

We can’t stress enough how important research is, especially in the early phases of building a business (but also on a continual basis, as you evolve). Thoroughly research your industry and the local or international markets where you’ll be positioned, along with your competitors, and any visual imagery that will inspire the look and feel of your brand.

4. Get to know your target market.

This is a form of research as well, but it’s important enough to have it’s own point. Establishing your brand without understanding your target market is like being a tour guide in a city you’re unfamiliar with. Start small by talking to family and friends about your ideas. Then move on to joining niche-specific online communities in order to get better acquainted with "your people.” Take it a step further by using survey platforms like Typeform to create free surveys to gather even more information.

5. Be consistent.

This one’s pretty straightforward. Your brand should be designed so it's easily represented across all platforms (including your website, social media pages, and email marketing). If your main colour is green, follow through with that! Don’t randomly just make your Twitter page purple. Keep your look consistent by extending font parameters too. For example, if you use a certain font for headings on your website, you should probably use the same one for your headings in print.

Properly crafting a killer brand identity from the get-go is crucial. It helps better convey your company’s core values and more effectively speak to the souls of your audience. In the vast majority of cases, doing this right means working with people who specialize in brand building and graphic design (like us). Invest in this assistance is so the way to go, and usually pays off in spades.

we CONVENIENTLY offer FREE CONSULTATIONS. So Contact us today if you could use our help, and let's get the ball rolling.





Why Storytelling is the Key to Killer Conscious Branding

Everlane uses the concept of "radical transparency' as the focus of their brand story.

Everlane uses the concept of "radical transparency' as the focus of their brand story.

You take pride in your socially responsible business and the superior products it sells. And you're super passionate about making the world a better place. But, like far too many independent ethical businesses out there, you may be experiencing some major roadblocks on the path to success. And there's a good chance one of them is effective storytelling.

I remember coming across research that suggested only 15% of consumers regularly make purchasing choices based on eco and social factors. Fewer than a quarter of consumers are paying for products and services based primarily on what’s good for the environment, the planet and other people! Which goes to show that while we can (and often) think of others, it's human nature to focus on serving the self first and foremost. Meaning we'll go for the eco purse, but only if it's also stylish and functional.

Forward-thinking businesses often make the mistake of speaking only to that tiny segment of true blue conscious consumers ... and alienating everyone else. For example, they use specific images, language and symbols that turn off or confuse potential customers. When what they should be doing is simultaneously speaking to that 15% in addition to a much wider audience. 

The good news: it's doable! There are companies who are successfully building their businesses through killer conscious branding.

Zady is committed to raise awareness about the worst issues in the fashion industry.

Zady is committed to raise awareness about the worst issues in the fashion industry.

I heard Zady co-founder, Maxine Bedat, explain her company’s philosophy (which has helped them become one of the most successful sustainable fashion companies). She admitted a revealing fact: they never use the word sustainable. With hashtags like #thenewstandard, they convey their commitment to transparency ... without going too heavy on the green messaging. 

Everlane is another e-commerce fashion company that also focuses on what they call 'radical transparency.' They've rolled it out across their brand identity, using social media hashtags like #knowyourfactories, and producing high quality, minimalist fashion that is incredibly popular with urban millennials. They share photo essays of their production facilities around the world, and post detailed cost breakdowns so customers understand the price points of their products. They even dedicated profits on Black Friday to support a social investment project at a partner manufacturer in China.

These brands have found visuals, phrases and meanings that align with their standards of practice and  guiding values, yet are embraced by a much wider audience. And that is powerful, because it makes them relevant to the mainstream! If anything, far from "selling out," their fresh take on cohesive storytelling has driven stronger customer loyalty and helped them transition from start-ups to seriously successful companies. Ones that are seen as thought leaders in the industry; who participate in the broader fashion conversation and not-for-profit global campaigns like Fashion Revolution Week.

Every conscious brand has the opportunity to take a similar approach; learn how to reflect your story and values to consumers in an inclusive way. And So Ripe Social can help by assessing your brand position, building your brand story and supporting your business with a strategy to sell your products. Join us for a free consultation and we’ll show you how.



Twitter 101: The Wonderful World of Retweeting


Twitter is hands down our favourite social media tool. Why? Cause it lets us know - in real time & in 140 characters or less - what's happening with the people and on the issues we care most about. Updates shared, products mentioned and opinions expressed by key influencers like Adria Vasil (Toronto's most notorious green girl), Cadi Jordan (a colleague who works in the eco beauty & wellness space) and Ashlee Piper (a fun-loving vegan blogger) really matter to us. Same goes for publications and media outlets such as TreeHugger, Conscious Company and Thoughtfully Mag.

At its core, Twitter is about building relationships. And one of the best ways to do this is by retweeting content someone else has tweeted. It provides your network (many of whom share your same interests) with valuable information. It also lets you "show love" to the retweet-ee -- who could, as a result of the exposure you're giving them, gain new followers or even customers.

There are two ways to RT. The first involves using the automated retweet function by hovering over the tweet you like and clicking on the “retweet" button. If your goal is simply to broadcast the message, this is the way to go. It will give that tweet the most ammunition (since tweets that are most retweeted using the retweet button can become "trending topics," which increases their visibility further). But on the downside, if someone already follows the person you're retweeting, they won't see it.

If you want to add your two cents to the tweet or @mention specific people you think would want to see it, you'll need to use the manual method: just type “RT @username” followed by the pasted part you’d like to share. Unlike the former, this produces a separate, independent tweet. It also increases the chances that the person whose tweet you're sharing is notified (it goes directly to them as opposed to just their “your tweets, retweeted” list, which most people don’t habitually check).

"Democracy must be built through open societies that share information. When there is information, there is enlightenment. When there is debate, there are solutions. When there is no sharing of power, no rule of law, no accountability, there is abuse, corruption, subjugation and indignation." -Atifete Jahjaga

We couldn't agree more. And are so in love with Twitter because it helps us as a society, by sharing all this rad info, become enlightened.

If you do (or don't!), go ahead and explain in the comments below.





WE’RE. HERE. (!)

Today’s the day we plant our figurative flag; plunge the flagpole deep in the dirt and stake a claim as the ultimate marketing solution for conscientious businesses 🚩



Our flag pays homage to our clients; entrepreneurs dedicated to building a better world. Their core values — safety, sustainability ... ultimately altruism in various forms — align completely with our ownWhich is why ensuring their success matters to us on a much deeper level. We get the job done by bringing to the table the very sweetest stuff: an in-depth understanding of the digital landscape, an insider’s knowledge of their niche, and affordable pricing. 


Admirable businesses (and socially responsible consumers) are who we want to connect with. If you belong to either of those stellar groups, make the first move and connect with us on Twitter and Facebook 👍 Interact with us to your heart’s content! Introduce us to others who could benefit from our help. And most importantly, keep doing what you’re doing. Cause in the wise words of Margaret Mead, the only thing that has ever changes the world is small groups of thoughtful, committed citizens.

Big love,