Mary Yang is most certainly a #girlboss to get behind. The passionate founder of natural makeup line MarieNatie, her passion for creating products women want (and deserve) is infectious. And just one of the many reasons we’re thrilled to be working with her

To learn more about her gorgeous - and most importantly, effective - beauty products, see here. And for a deeper look at the woman herself, read on.

What sets you apart from the rest?

I spend a crazy amount of time perfecting the formulation of each and every one of my products. I do background research on all ingredients, test various combinations to decipher their effectiveness and take into consideration all the feedback I receive from women just like you and me, whom MarieNatie is geared towards. That, and I make 50% of my products by hand.

Tell us about one of your products and how it differs from its mainstream counterparts.

My friends were always complaining about sticky lip glosses that would get stuck to their hair on windy days. So I dove into my research and came up with a great natural solution: jojoba gel.

If you could select one celeb to be the face of your brand, who would it be and why?

Jessica Alba. I’m currently reading her book “The Honest Life: Living Naturally and True to You.” She’s constantly striving to live a cleaner life by steering clear of products containing harmful chemicals and eating more healthfully, which is really admirable.


Yes. It’s important to me that MarieNatie changes with the times and constantly becomes better. Right now, I’m working on switching over to bamboo packaging and 100% recycled paper, a more eco alternative to the post-consumer plastic & regular paper we have now.

Tell us about one of your most memorable *AHA* moments

My dad is a cosmetics chemist and would take me to industry trade shows. The more I went to, the more curious I became about the composition of products sold to mass markets (and whether they really are harmful to our health). I’d get home and Google the ingredients one by one. When I learnt about parabens, I was shocked. Present in approximately 80% of the products I owned at the time, they mimic estrogen, build up in the body and in excess, have been shown to lead to reproductive cancers. After being made aware of that I thought “why should anyone use products with parabens when there are alternatives that are just as good!?”.









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