Formed by passionate health food pioneers and committed to providing more organic and natural products for all, the Canadian Health Food Association (CHFA) has our heart. In spades.

Their yearly CHFA East show - held in Toronto each autumn - is pretty much as exciting to us as Christmas is to kids. A Willy Wanka-esque early access look at the best new products in the industry, having it to look forward to makes summer coming to a close way more bearable.

The best of the bunch:


It's widely known that aluminum - the ingredient in mainstream deodorants that prevents sweating - is bad for our bods. Yet far too many people refuse to give it up cause for them, the fear of having bad body odour trumps all. Even the fact that the element is a known neurotoxin linked to breast cancer and neurological disorders! As a result they stick with their drugstore stick. 

Luckily, that really doesn't need to be the case. Natural deodorants have come a long way and (gasp) a bunch of them ACTUALLY WORK. This one by KALP Ayurvedically Pure really knocked our socks off. It smells sensational and come in a cool powder form. Without preventing the body from doing its (sweating) thing, it neutralized odours and simultaneously purifies the fatty tissue in that area. A win-win on multiple fronts.

Another standout: the absolutely gorgeous wares by routine., the brains behind their de-odor-cream natural deodorant. Brilliantly branded with a punchy look and playful names (Napoleon's Dynamite! Johnny's Cash!), their formula seems thicker and more substantial than other cream deodorants we've come across. 

Looking real forward to testing 'em out & promise to let you know how it goes.


The dancing chicks in the Basic Roots logo say it all. Vegans everywhere really are rejoicing over these cashew cheeses. Made with love by founder Paula Bellavance and her brilliant team using only raw organic ingredients and superfoods, they're the perfect example of how palate pleasing healthful food can be. 

SPREAD'EM Kitchen's seriously flavourful, sumptuous veggie & cashew spreads are LiKe WoAh. They company hits the nail on the head with it's description that "each flavour is an adventure, exploding with taste, as fresh and as natural as if you made it at home."  This sweet line isn't currently available in Ontario, much to our chagrin. Help us change that by letting your local health food store know you'd like to see it stocked on their shelves.

cashew and veggie spreads


These uber good-for-you wraps by Wrap It Up require exactly zero sacrifice in the taste department. Reminiscent of a fruit rollup in consistency (so fun), they're organic, vegan, gluten/wheat/dairy-free, consist primarily of fibre-rich carrots and ground flax seed and feature yum additional ingredients like sun-dried tomatoes, red pepper and Italian seasoning.

What are your favourite new healthy products? We can never get enough suggestions when it comes to this stuff.

Let us know & have a happy day!

Us Peaches