With the digital landscape more saturated than ever, standing out is crucial. And while the task can seem hopeless (tons of businesses are doing crazy cool things to attract attention), it's not impossible. What's the secret sauce? Crisp, eye-catching graphics, the online equivalent of bright shiny objects. When stellar enough, those puppies can get people, like Hansel and Gretel's breadcrumbs, right where you want 'em. Literally (e.g. to your website or email subscription form) and/or figuratively (feeling drawn to your brand in some special way).


Exhibit A

An online ad by Toronto's own Drake General Store in collaboration with Etsy.

There's a lot of info in here. But because it's presented in such an alluring and well organized way, it's likely to pique people's interest and get them to click on that bright red SHOP NOW button. Mission accomplished.


Exhibit B

Another straightforward yet extremely enticing online offer. This one from the brilliant minds behind BRIT & CO.

Neither have huge amounts of text, and there's a clear hierarchy and CTA (call to action). Through the use of colour, pattern and bold fonts, these online ads draw us right in.

Peace, love & enticing graphics 4eva,

E & E