“We were doing a Pop Up Shop at a university and a student approached us just to say “whoever is doing your online marketing is amazing.” He explained that while he comes across content and ads from us often, it’s always stuff he’s interested in (not like the overly sales-y stuff generated by other businesses), and never overkill in terms of quantity. I think he’s spot on. Without SRS, I’m certain the Ungalli message wouldn’t be nearly as loud, clear and STRONG as it is now.”

- Hailey Hollinsworth, Co - Founder/Head of Sales at Ungalli Clothing Co.

“Before working with So Ripe Social, we were completely overwhelmed by social media. We felt so debilitated by the vastness of it all that we stayed more or less away. With the help of Erica and her team, who now act as the middle women between us and our customers, things have changed drastically. In creative and effective ways via our social accounts and e-newsletters, they help us keep in touch with and reward current customers and discover and reach out to new ones. I’d recommend them in a heartbeat."

- Mercedes Benayon, Owner and Founder of merben International Inc.


"In the course of a single month managing my Twitter account, Erica grew my following tremendously, helped get me an average of 8 weekly mentions and increased my total reach by well over 100%. Most importantly, she was able to fully grasp what my brand is about, and translate that into online content that people truly got excited about it. I’m very grateful for her help in getting me launched the right way!"

-Ryan Malfara, serial entrepreneur & Founder of Emerald Business Academy


“As entrepreneurs, myself and my colleagues know all too well how downright impossible it can be to find a designer who understands your vision and can translate it into something tangible. Fortunately for me, I found the best person for the job on at the onset when I began working with Erin, So Ripe Social's graphic designer. As far as I'm concerned, she's one of the top graphic designers in the city.”

- Mo Waja, Founder of present-IMPACT


"Erin produces creative and unique visual solutions to concepts that could easily fall into the trap of being boring and generic. She's an absolute pleasure to work with and has never missed a deadline. If you're looking for a passionate and skilled designer willing to go above and beyond for you, she's who you're looking for."

- Winter Wei, UX Designer, Kira Systems